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Forex Invest is a loan program, where members can earn very good interest rates on their investments. We are a small team of associates that decided to share their knowledge in investing experience. We have carefully set up a portfolio that would bring us some very high returns. Our current portfolio shows outstanding results and has been stable enough during the last few months. We trade on the FOREX only.

General Information
Forex Invest is an investment program, which offers you an opportunity to earn from 8% to 12% daily interest for 365 days. The minimum investment is $10 and the maximum investment - $10'000. An investment under $200 gives you an opportunity to earn 8% daily interest for 365 days, over $200 gives you an opportunity to earn 12% daily interest for 365 days. You can make additional investments as many times as you like. There is no administration fee.

Interest payouts are scheduled to be done directly to your e-gold account. Payments will be made 7 days per week. Our system is fully automated!


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